How to get ownership of real estate (TAPU) in Turkey easily

Turkey is one of the most attractive country for real estate investments and a comfortable life Country of the world. According to statistical data for 2021, 64,500 apartments were acquired by foreign citizens in Turkey and about 40 billion lire for real estate was spent. Such popularity of real estate in Turkey is due to a comfortable mild climate, a relatively low cost of life compared with European countries, the presence of fresh vegetables and fruits all year round, “blue flags” of the sea coast of Turkey, high service and hospitality of Ottoman culture.
If you are going to buy real estate in Turkey, but do not know which documents are needed and how the procedure takes place, this article will tell you about all the nuances.

TAPU is an official document confirming the ownership of real estate in Turkey. The TAPU may be drawn up for finished apartments and on empty land plots at the construction stage. The TAPU contains personal data of the owner and all the information about the acquired real estate.
The ownership of real estate in Turkey can be issued both on one and a few people. This procedure has no any juridical difficulty. If one of the owners wants to sell his share, he must obtain the resolution of the remaining owners. It is not necessary to register real estate  on children or wife / husband, as they will receive a share of their property in any case, since they are the heirs of the first stage.

For an application for the receipt of the TAPU, it is necessary to collect a package of documents for the registration of property ownership, which is exactly the same as for Turkey’s citizens. The registration procedure is understandable and simple, but it usually takes much time, therefore, the professionals of our «DOM NA MORE» company always take the maximum care to register TAPU on their shoulders.

    The stages of TAPU registration look like this:

Stage 1. Conclusion the purchase and sale transaction between the seller and the buyer. When concluding an agreement on the transfer of property from the buyer only a passport is required. The conclusion of the agreement on the purchase of real estate does not mean the transition of property rights. In order to transfer a real estate legally to the new owner, you need to get the TAPU.

Stage 2. Making a deposit. According to the contract , the buyer is obliged to make a deposit (warranty prepayment) for real estate. It is usually 5-10% of the price. If the transaction is canceled by the seller, he must pay the deposit to the buyer in a double size. If the buyer abandoned the transaction, the prepayment is not been compensated for him.

Stage 3. Collection of documents for the TAPU. For the final transformation of real estate in property of the  buyer he must provide the following documents to the Cadastral chamber:

  • The original passport with a validity period of at least 6 months,
  • Tax number (issued in tax administration)
  • Special form for filling (address in Turkey, parents names, marital status, date and place of birth)
  • Current TAPU of the seller
  • Policy of mandatory insurance against earthquake and natural disasters,
  • 1 photo of the seller and 2 photos of the buyer (6×4),
  • Document on the announced value of real estate (cadastral value)
  • If one of the parties does not speak Turkish, accredited translator services will be required.

Stage 4. Payment of the necessary fees. The cost of execution of the TAPU, which includes various taxes and duties, is determined by government agencies. Before receiving the TAPU, the buyer must also pay real estate in full.

Registration of property rights may be held by a third person by proxy. In this case, a notarized power of attorney from property owner / buyer property must be applied to the document package.

The term of receipt of the TAPU is from several days from the date of submission of documents to the cadastral chamber to several weeks sometimes (due to various events in the world, for example, lockdowns or national holidays).

    After receiving the TAPU, the buyer becomes the legal owner of the real estate in Turkey.

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