How to get a residence permit in Turkey (Ikamet)?

Get a residence permit in Turkey, and then become a full-fledged citizen of Turkey – the dream of many who plan to move to this wonderful hospitable sunshine of year-round fresh fruit-vegetables, mountain landscapes, clean sea air and azure beaches with “blue flags”.

For legal stay in Turkey, you need to get residence permit (Ikamet in Turkish). Use health services, the opportunity for your children to study at public school, simplifying the procedure for buying a car, free movement in the country – is just some of the benefits of a residence permit in Turkey. From this article you will learn about the main nuances of obtaining a residence permit, which is easy to get, because Turkey is a very loyal country to foreigners and foreign investors.
Every year the number of people who have moved to the Turkish rivier grows. The cost of housing by the sea in Turkey can not be compared with the cost of housing in Moscow, Kyiv, Minsk and other famous cities of the world, because Real estate prices in Turkey are much lower, and the benefits are obvious: a wonderful climate, low cost of life compared to European countries, lack of air pollution from various production emissions, clean seas and rivers and more.
Apartments in new buildings of Turkey are handed over in complete finishing, with installed kitchen head with standard niches for household appliances installed by high-quality plumbing and furniture in the bathrooms. Often as a gift the buyers receive different pleasures, such as: installed air conditioners, heated floors in bathrooms, household appliances or even a simple built-in wardrobe in the hallway. The golden rule of all modern new buildings of Turkey is an arranged guarded closed area of the complex, with servicing company and various infrastructure on the territory of the complex (pools, hammam, fitness room,  children playground, etc.).

In fact, buying real estate in Turkey, you get not just residential meters!

You buy a house on the sea, in which you can settle in a few days, only equipping the living area with furniture and appliances! In addition the entire modern infrastructure of five-star hotels you have “under the windows” and is already included in the price of the property in Turkey! Such real estate by the sea is always profitable to rent and receive a permanent profit. Such real estate is profitable investment, because during the construction  the cost of real estate will grow up to 35% in price from the date of the construction start and till time of commissioning.

Professionals of our company «DOM NA MORE» will help you not only with the organization of the purchase and sale process in Turkey, but also with the furnishings of your home at sea, and with rental of your real estate and any other stages of the entire process of buying and servicing of you Real estate in Turkey. We will help you to provide all the procedures online.  We appreciate your time!

In Turkey, there are several types of residence permit: short-term and long-term (unlimited). To obtain a short-term residence permit, it is necessary to be a student in Turkey, become a spouse  of a Turkish citizen or buy real estate in Turkey. The buying of real estate may also be the basis for obtaining citizenship. As practice shows, Icamet  is issued for 1-3 years. Each application with the attached package of documents is considered for the presence of motives and compliance with the conditions for issuing ICAMET. To obtain an unlimited (long-term) residence permit, you need to live in Turkey at least 8 years.

To apply for temporary accommodation is necessary within 30 days after arrival. You can apply for yourself or use the services of a specialized agency in Turkey.

The first step will be filling up an electronic questionnaire on the E-Ikamet website, which is also in Russian. To fill out the application, a biometric photo will be required. The application includes personal data about you, place of work, study, aim of obtaining a residence permit, etc. At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked to choose time for Randevo to the Migration Service. The date Randevo may be later the deadline for the end of your visa, this is normal. By the date Randevo, you must collect the necessary documents and provide them to the Migration Service. The current list of documents will be registered in your statement for the residence permit. The standard list of documents includes:

– application for a residence permit,
– 4 biometric photos,
– photocopy and original passport,
– a document confirming your solvency at the time of the requested stay,
– Medical insurance,
– a document on the current place of residence (lease agreement, an agreement confirming accommodation at the hotel, a written commitment from the receiving person, if you, for example, stopped at your  friends accommodation) – you need to bring a notarized copy,
– confirmation of payment of fees for a residence permit.

If during Randevo, you forgot to bring any document, you will another 30 days to collect missing papers.

After putting the documents, the waiting time is 10-90 days later depending on the workload in the migration service. If your application has been approved, a residence permit will come to the nearest post office to the address of the residence in Turkey specified by you.

 From the moment you received permission to accommodate in Turkey, you can enjoy all public services with Turkish citizens.

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