New rules for obtaining a residence permit from 07/01/2022

New rules for obtaining a residence permit from 07/01/2022! Turkey has sharply tightened the rules for obtaining a residence permit, including when buying real estate, and long-term residence in the country!

Until July 1, 2022, the Turkish Migration Service closed 781 microdistricts in different cities of Turkey for issuing residence permits to foreigners, and from July 1, 2022, this figure was sharply increased by law to 1169 microdistricts!

The most popular areas of Antalya, Istanbul, and Alanya among Russian-speaking citizens were banned.

Under the new rules, obtain a residence permit in “closed” areas from 07/01/2022
CANNOT: Persons who receive a residence permit (permit) in Turkey for the first time on the basis of a long-term lease of real estate.
Persons who are renewing a tourist residence permit in Turkey, but have not previously lived in this “closed” area.

At the same time, after 07/01/2022, the following can obtain a residence permit (permit) in “closed” areas:

Property owners in Turkey (TAPU Residence Permit):

  • Foreigners who extend a previously obtained residence permit in a “closed” area, if they were previously registered in the same apartment.
  • Foreigners who receive a secondary residence permit in a “closed” area and at the same time change their address of residence (registration) within the same area.
  • Foreigners who managed to conclude and notarize a long-term lease agreement in a “closed” area before 06/30/2022.

As for Alanya, the “closed areas” from 07/01/2022 include:

  • Mahmutlar
  • Kestel
  • Kargicak
  • Avsallar.

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