How to get Turkish citizenship?

Turkish legislation provides for several ways to obtain citizenship. If a foreigner lives in marriage with a citizen of Turkey for more than 3 years or is in the country for the tourist partition of more than 8 years, he can become a resident of the country. Also, the state provides citizenship to persons who have made investments in the country. Investments include not only the opening of a business with a capital of $ 500,000, but also buying real estate in Turkey.

Turkey is a promising country for life. To have an apartment in a warm country by the sea for many, it becomes a goal in life, especially taking into account the latest events in the world. Someone dreams just move to permanent residence to the sea and stuck the same locked in a more pleasant atmosphere with stunning sea sunsets and mountain landscapes. Someone has chosen freelance activities and  a place with a mild climate, an excellent international culture and a good combination of the price of life. Someone is simply looking for a source of permanent profits and therefore acquires several apartments for renting. Someone is looking for a way not only how to maintain your capital, but also to multiply it and therefore, of course, invests in real estate, protecting his capital from depreciation when lying in a bank and default.

As a permanent place of residence or summer residence, the sea coast is usually considered: Antalya, Alanya, Fethiye, Bodrum. In these cities is usually the largest number of foreigners. Buying property in Turkey, you can enjoy the sea vacation at least every day. Property ownership also gives the right to receive Turkish citizenship.

 Turkey is a country that encourages investors. A few years ago, the amount of investment was reduced twice. This led to a mass attraction of foreign investors and an increase in the number of owners of housing in Turkey. Also in connection with the Pandemic, some banks of Turkey proposed profitable mortgage loans, which contributed to the growth of interest of foreign citizens. According to the Investment Immigration Program, you have the right to become a resident of Turkey on the following conditions:

1. The cost of real estate should be from $ 400,000 (from the last law of April 2022). Real estate can be purchased in any currency. For example, one villa may be bought for the specified cost or several apartments. The main thing is that the amount is equal or exceeded 250,000 dollars.

2. It is impossible to sell real estate within 3 years from the date of receipt of citizenship. However, housing can be rented out.

The procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship is relatively simple. To do this, first need to be submitted for a residence permit and then to citizenship. The package of documents includes: a completed statement from the site of the migration service, a passport and the birth certificate of all applicants, medical insurance, the TAPU, the individual number of the taxpayer, a certificate of the absence of criminal record, 2 photos, a property valuation report. Before traveling to Turkey, it is recommended to find out the actual list of documents for registration of Turkish citizenship through the migration site and put the necessary apostille.

Documents must be translated by an accredited translator. Also, translations must be certified by a notary. The package of documents must be provided in the migration service. From there, documents will guide to Ankara for further consideration. As practice shows, the receipt of Turkish citizenship takes about six months. It is worth noting that the knowledge of the Turkish language is optional.
Obtaining Turkish citizenship does not imply a refusal of your citizenship. That is, in Turkey you will be a full-fledged citizen of Turkey, but in your country you will enter according to your first citizenship document.

Unlike residence permit, citizenship allows you to get a job officially. Among other advantages, visa-free regime with more than 100 countries can be distinguished, the ability to issue citizenship for children and the right to free education.
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