Orientation tour

The family company “DOM NA MORE” kindly invites you to Turkey to find your Home on the Sea!

If you want to buy a villa, apartment or commercial property in Turkey, it would be a great decision of you  visit us. An information tour is an opportunity to see and evaluate personally, pre-selected real estate objects by specialists of our company individually for you. Thus, having acquainted in advance with the properties  offered for sale by the sea , it will be easier for you upon arrival  to decide which property will become your Home by the Sea!

We invite you to take the first step – fly to Turkey! Pack your bags for your mini vacation and let us to take care about you when you arrive to us.


Orientation tour includes:


Meeting at the airport and transfer from the airport to the hotel / apartment and back to the airport at the end of the tour.


Accommodation in a luxury hotel/apartment for the period of your stay in Turkey.


Full trip around a city together with a detailed information about infrastructure, history and prospectives of it.


The opportunity to view the required number of real estate objects by the sea, compare and evaluate them, learn about the features and advantages of a particular object in order to find exactly your Home on the Sea from hundreds!


Choosing and buying exactly your Home by the Sea in accordance with your dreams, wishes and expectations.


Legal conclusion of the purchase and sale transaction, execution of all documents and a full package of after-sales service from your since now family company "DOM NA MORE"!

The tour is  for 3-4 days with a possibility of extension, of course! But during these few days you will have time to get to know Alanya, view real estate in order to find your very Dream Home by the Sea and of course for the purchase of your Home by the Sea itself!

In case of a property purchase, the company “DOM NA MORE” will cover your costs for the Orientation Tour.

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