Help to rent your property

Our family company «DOM NA MORE» will not only help you find your home on the sea, but also takes on all the troubles for the delivery of your real estate by the sea for rent!

What do we need for this? To become a part of our big international family!

    1. You buy an apartment in the residential complex, which we build for you, or any other apartment with our team of specialists.

    2. You make a decision to get rid of yourself from care for the search for tenants, tracking the safety of your property and other unpleasant and protracted processes, choosing for yourself only to receive profits from your favorable real estate investment by the sea.

    3. We will sign an agreement on favorable terms. And further, we are responsible for the rental process of your home at sea, and you spend money from beneficially attached to the real estate investment on the sea!

    Finally, you always win:

  • Saving your precious time (you do not spend time for  calls, for apartments display and you can be at the moment  in another country).
  • No costs for advertising
  • Privacy (both your person and your real estate)
  • Security (legal support of the transaction and personal monitoring of your property safety on our part)
  • Guarantees (as receiving profits from investment, so the safety of your property).

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