How to get ownership of real estate (TAPU) in Turkey easily

Turkey is one of the most attractive country for real estate investments and a comfortable life Country of the world. According to statistical data for 2021, 64,500 apartments were acquired by foreign citizens in Turkey and about 40 billion lire for real estate was spent. Such popularity of real estate in Turkey is due to a comfortable mild climate, a relatively low cost of life compared with European...

How to get a residence permit in Turkey (Ikamet)?

Get a residence permit in Turkey, and then become a full-fledged citizen of Turkey - the dream of many who plan to move to this wonderful hospitable sunshine of year-round fresh fruit-vegetables, mountain landscapes, clean sea air and azure beaches with "blue flags". For legal stay in Turkey, you need to get residence permit (Ikamet in Turkish). Use health services, the opportunity for your children to...

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