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There is a certain type of real estate business, and these are profitable investments and further resale of real estate.

    By investing your capital in real estate, you not only save and protect your finances from devaluation and devaluation, but you also have a great opportunity to significantly increase your capital! Especially when it comes to investing in real estate by the sea, especially in an economically and politically stable country.

One of the options for a profitable investment in real estate is to buy real estate in the initial phase of construction. In the first phase of construction, when the investor only announces the start of the sale of the project, the price is much lower than the purchase of the same property in the phase of putting the project into operation. The difference in price on average, especially in the Antalya region, is 30-35, and sometimes all 50%! It all depends on the scope of the project, its location, “occupancy” of the facility according to the latest requirements of clients with infrastructure, etc.

That is, as a result, you can already earn up to 50% on such resale without additional investments! Almost all builders on the coast of Antalya submit their projects with a standard package: completely finished, the apartments already have a kitchen set with space for household appliances, toilets and bathroom furniture.

By investing a little more money in furnishing apartments, you will raise your capital for resale even more!

Another popular option for earning money on real estate resale is the purchase of secondary real estate, its restoration or renovation of design, furnishing as desired and cost-effective resale.

The team of professionals “DOM NA MORE” is ready and has both extensive experience and the ability to help you in absolutely all of the above phases. Moreover, you do not have to be present in person, because. we can do everything for you, discussing all issues in real time online.

We have already found our Dom Na Moru, now we will be happy to help you!

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