Faris Fazlagić

Head of Bosnian Sales Department at DOM NA MORE

  • Service Areas: Antalya/Alanya
  • Specialties: Real Estate - Construction - Investments

About Faris Fazlagić

My name is Faris Fazlagić!

I am an employee of the real estate agency “DOM NA MORE” based in Alanya, Turkey.

Considering that I have known the owner Ibrahim Sual for a long time, where we have cooperated before to our mutual satisfaction, we decided to start this story together, on an international level.

We want to make happy people from both the Russian-speaking area and our beautiful Balkan.

My work experiences have always been based on customer satisfaction and product development. The only thing that changed was the market I worked in and customer demands. Logically, through different sales experiences, I had to gain new skills and learn how to approach customers in several utterly different business spheres. These experiences have helped me develop tremendously, yet I still believe there is more in sales and management I can accomplish.

Language: Bosnian, English, Turkish

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